Our Story

Hi! I'm Brooke Siem, the creator of the Fuckit Bucket™ and The Book of One Liners.

The Fuckit Bucket™ and The Book of One Liners both come from my constant craving to experience whimsy. There are so many issues and objects in the world that create frustration (hello world politics and smartphones!), so I wanted to make something that exists for no reason other than to make you smile. 

The Fuckit Bucket™ origin story dates back to simpler times. Sometime in 2017, a friend of mine who also happens to be a C-list celebrity with a well-publicized split from her baby daddy, was talking about how her life was so screwy that she had used up all her fucks to give. I suggested that in the future, she put all the fucks in a bucket for rationing. I called it a “Bucket ‘o Fucks.”

And then, I heard the phrase, “Chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on!”

Today, the Fuckit Bucket™ is available in three styles: charm, necklace, and keychain. It's also available in five precious metal platings: gold, rose gold, silver, copper, and pewter. A bucket for every fuckit!

The Book of One Liners evolved from a longstanding list of profound statements said to me by ordinary people. So often, we turn to great philosophers and celebrities for wisdom, but some of the most impactful words have come to me through casual conversations with strangers and friends. 

With one sentence per page, The Book of One Liners is a whimiscal journey through the human experience, one line at a time.