The Fuck-It Bucket is Coming to Netflix

The television world is abuzz with the announcement of Netflix UK's latest limited series, THE FUCK IT BUCKET  or, The F**K-IT BUCKET depending on your swearing tolerance. 

The F**K-IT BUCKET is about Mia (Sophie Wilde), a college girl who, after being released from anorexia treatment, tries to catch up with the rest of the world via a fuck it bucket list. 

The show was originally announced in 2021, but seems to be coming in 2023. It was developed and written by Ripley Parker and appears to be directed by Alyssa McClelland of Home and Away and One Step Closer to Home.

In a fabulous get, Stephen Fry will be playing the role of Mia's doctor. While it's unclear whether The F**K-IT BUCKET will be a comedy or drama, let's hope the writers let Fry be the comedic genius that he is. It would be shame to waste that talent. 

Here at Fuckit Bucket™ HQ are delighted to have a series that so honors our namesake. In our opinion, everyone should have a Fuckit Bucket™ and a fuck it bucket list to go with it. After all, what even is the point of living if you can't say fuck it and do something silly/crazy/risky every once in a while? 

But, we do have questions. For example, why is every character with an eating disorder named Mia? Is it because writers think Ana is too obvious (as in anorexia) but Mia (as in bulimia) is fair game? How are the writers going to execute their vision without going into thinspiration or mental illness porn? Do they even know what either one of those things are? Folks with eating disorders are easily manipulated, and the best of intentions can create a roadmap of how to be sicker. Usually, those without experience tend to miss this aspect and actually create a worse outcome. (See: every movie about anorexia ever.) 

Only time will tell. In the meantime, we're just going to chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on.