6 Simple Ways to Cheer Someone Up—Even from Far Away

Let's face it, the world isn't exactly warm and fuzzy right now. And while we at Fuckit Bucket™ HQ think that everything will calm down eventually, having a rosy view of the future doesn't do much for people who are struggling right now. 

It's especially difficult to cheer up friends and family, especially when they're not close by. (And in a pandemic world, across town may as well be Greenland.) Luckily, just a little effort can brighten someone's day in a big way. Here are our favorite 10 simple and creative ways to cheer someone up—even from far away.

1. Send a handwritten letter

Remember how excited you used to get as a kid when you got a letter in the mail? Someone out in the world took the time to put a special note in an envelope, buy a stamp, and send it through the mail, all just for you! And then, as adults, our mailbox becomes so full of bills and junk that the whole endeavor is just another thing to weigh you down. But one handwritten letter can transport someone back to the childlike glee of mailtime. For extra points, send the letter in a brightly colored envelope so the recipient doesn't accidentally toss it—a real risk these days. 

2. Make a silly video 

If handwritten letters aren't your thing, take your creativity to the screen and make a silly video. Your bummed out friend is going to have a hard time frowning when they see you lip syncing to Simply The Best or drawing a heart in asphalt.  We're not going for exceptional video quality here–it's all about showing someone you're thinking about them, even for just a few minutes. 

3. Have dinner together 

Just because you can't see each other as at a restaurant, doesn't mean you can't have dinner together. If you're feeling chefy, pick a dish you both want to make (or hire a chef!) and cook together over zoom (don't forget the wine.) Or, if cooking isn't your thing, check out the delivery options in your person's hometown and treat them to a surprise meal, delivered right to their house!

4. Ask them to tell you 3 good things that happened that day

Simply spending a few moments focusing on the good things that happen in our day can help brighten our mood, but sometimes we need a little push to look on the bright side. Make a pact with your person to text three good things that happened each day. Encourage them to list the small things, like a nice walk with the dog or feeling cozy all wrapped up in a blanket. The more we can be grateful for the little things, the better. 

5. Treat them to a spa day

It's easy to confuse being down with being run down, and a day at the spa is a perfect way to disconnect and recharge. If you have the funds, treat your friend or family member to a day at the spa for a little R&R. They'll likely never treat themselves, but if they receive it as a gift, you know they'll indulge. 

6. If all else fails, send a Fuckit Bucket™

Alas, there's only so much we can do to cheer someone up, especially when we're far away. To help them keep their chin up even when you're not around, send a Fuckit Bucket™ their way. Not only will it bring a smile to their face, bu it will remind them to set their grievances aside. Because sometimes we have chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on!